The rat race of the first-world!

Once a week, I leave for work really early in the morning so I have a spare hour on the way. I stop by a random station on the way and spend the hour at a coffee shop reading a book. I find the change of scenery and the break from the scripted pattern really useful.

Last week, I was sitting in this little coffee shop from where I can see this junction across the Green Park station:

A horde of people talking on the phone while chewing a croissant running to catch a train because the next one is 1 min away

running with bags while pouring down a coffee

scrolling on their smartphone, while walking with headphones on

pushing each other out at the bus station to get on the overcrowded bus, while the next bus is 1 min, 3 min and 5 min away

Wait, how do you enjoy a book when you've got a headphone with the cups the size of onions blasting loud music into your ears?

What mad rush! Slow down people, I understand multitasking but what exactly are you achieving by this madness? Crazy rat race.

blogger, technologist, foodie, vagabond, avid reader, cricket-lover, and an activist focused on human rights and the case for the environment.

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