Congratulations Imran Khan, PTI workers and supporters. You deserve to celebrate. I can understand how you feel here — this is your moment, enjoy it! For my generation, when Bibi returned home from exile — that was our moment of hope. Our dreams didn’t live long, they were washed away by blood of our beloved leader and countless martyrs of democracy. I do hope your dreams come true and you live long enough to see the Naya Pakistan you dream of.

Imran Khan, chairman PTI, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan — now that you’re in the position you have desperately wanted to be in, giving up all the principles you once stood for; remember that the resilient people of Pakistan have put faith in you. They are looking up to you to deliver.

Frankly, I do not have much hope in you to deliver. I say this because I was once on the bandwagon which a lot of charged youth is today, and I respect them. You stood for some principles once and promised change, you threw all of that down the drain just to come into power. With a team made up of Sheikh Rasheeds and Amir Liaquats, your unstoppable U-turns, disappointing and surprising hypocrisy, I lost faith in you. Your position is not clear on a single thing.

  • You said you loathe electables and promised revolutionary change, but ended up with all those electable lotas in your party.

I am not a pessimist and I have unflinching love for people of Pakistan. Also, unlike you, I am not in the business of judging people on how and who they vote for. I totally understand why people have voted for you. People are desperate for change and a large number of youth, who are too young and gullible to understand how politics works in our part of the world can not get to the depth of it. I respect their aspirations and participation in democratic process. For their sake, do good. Do not let them lose hope.

The people of Pakistan have elected you as their new leader. You have been given a strong mandate in the centre, in KP and even in Punjab — you have all the superpowers you need to deliver and there can be no excuses down the road. For the last five years you have done all you could to derail a sitting government — but a lot of us firmly believe in democratic process. You are my Prime Minister and I look up to you as well. You have a massive challenge ahead of you and this is going to be a rough ride. As a believer in democratic process, we will support you on this journey to the fullest to deliver Naya Pakistan and give you strong opposition where there is a need.

The people of Pakistan have so much potential, they deserve better. I hope you prove your critics wrong and deliver what you have promised. If there is one thing I would like you to do, that is focus on environment and water shortage — that is one thing I believe you did well in KP.

Let’s do this Imran, we are all together in this. #GoPakistan

blogger, technologist, foodie, vagabond, avid reader, cricket-lover, and an activist focused on human rights and the case for the environment.

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