History of Indian and Pakistani food

Immerse in a crash course on the history of rich, spicy and fragrant desi food. The food of the Indian subcontinent; which now makes up India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, has gone through a number of historical phases.

Behind the popular curries, Kebabs, rotis chapatis and naan, the roots can be traced back to Indus Valley civilisation (3000 BCE) or even Mehrgarh Civilisation (7000 BCE). Then came invasions starting from Aryans, then Vedic period and influence of Buddhism, Guptas and Mauryas. Then Islamic period specially Mughals and Deccan Nawabs refined this cuisine. Finally, Portuguese brought with them new spices and ingredients including chilli and potato and gave a new dimension to what we call Pakistani food or Indian food today. Finally, the colonialist British also left a mark specially on tea culture.

This short video takes you through this thousands of years long history of food in India and Pakistan specially.

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