Post Christchurch, challenge far right social media keyboard warriors

The outpour of public sympathy post the Christchurch terror attack is great — empathy is the greatest human trait and we should do everything possible to remain empathetic as one human race. These flowers, donations and messages of support are brilliant and go a long way.

What really matters the most, is halting the fast-tracked march of far right (on all ends of the hateful spectrum, white supremacist, cow rakshaks and Wahabi murderous thugs) — if left unchallenged, this world will be a very different place sooner than later. Their propaganda is working, they are becoming mainstream — actually ruling a number of significant countries and impacting the politics in many others. Social media is the greatest tool they’ve utilised to be where they are.

Invest time in countering their hateful narrative, because this is an investment worth making. Don’t think you’ll not be impacted. You already are where ever you are in the world and whatever race or religion you come from, your life is impacted. Challenge them, and if takes reporting them to the Police, do that too.

While this incident opens the debate about white supremacist terrorism, this should also be an opportunity to start talking about the self-proclaimed Muslim reformists — the likes of Tarek Fatah, Ayaan Hirsi Ali et al who internally from within the Muslim community have contributed massively towards the ever-growing threat ordinary Muslims face everywhere.

While there should be no question about building a narrative against Jihadi terrorism, these people have built an environment where ordinary Muslims going about their lives feel unsafe walking on the street, getting on a bus or going to a restaurant. Whether this is India, UK, the NA or EU, their borderline fascist propaganda works.

As an example, soon after 45 people were killed and 45 families devastated — Tarek Fatah took to social media to remind the world of Jihadi terrorism instead. For more than a day he has been trying to curb down any sense of public sympathy and instead, is putting people against each other by creating a false sense of threat from a quarter of world’s population.

If you’ve supported these people, rethink. These are vile, filthy people with no sense of empathy left.

blogger, technologist, foodie, vagabond, avid reader, cricket-lover, and an activist focused on human rights and the case for the environment.

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