Karachi alone contributes 70% of Pakistan’s revenue. Karachi has a share of 70% in GDP. But, does it?

Mainstream print media continues to publish unverified data

The GDP contribution

the contribution of Karachi in Pakistan’s GDP is not 70% or 50% or anything but 25% with 10% of the population share if we believe the official figures, or 22% if we believe Karachi-wala figures.

Product Managers must deliver good decisions

Waterfall has become socialism for the millennial tech generation — the catch-all term to absorb all the blame; while Agile being the magic cure for all ills.

Ale Natiq (Ali Mashhadi)

blogger, technologist, foodie, vagabond, avid reader, cricket-lover, and an activist focused on human rights and the case for the environment.

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